Our Ethans

Who We Are & Why We Do What We Do.

Palace Life was founded on the belief that craftsmanship and sustainable design are the cornerstones of interior design. The company was founded to principally support traditional artisans and skill sets that are ever increasingly being sidelined for cheaper methods of production. We are passionate in the belief that the internal materials and construction of all our pieces are as integral, and should be as beautiful in fabrication as the outward finished product. Designs were sourced and reworked from 18th century archives and other furniture movements, based upon classical constructions, theories and proportions to create timeless heritage products built with love, to last.

We strongly feel that products should be built to last, be recovered, mended and altered for a new generation rather than discarded and thrown away. Thus we start with the finest foundations in the very best materials, and master craftsmen. It is our belief that every piece should tell a story from it’s conception, to installation. We are strong advocates in close collaborations, working with and advising designers and clients to create unique pieces made to order, that not only fit the space perfectly, but leave a legacy of every element and process being traceable.